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nancy holt
avignon locators 1972-2012

Avignon Locatorhenge: 'Avignon Locators', 1972-2012. Université d'Avignon © The Estate of Nancy Holt (VAGA, New York | ADAGP, Paris). Photo: Serge Paul, 26 Mar. 2013

a permanent site-specific work hosted by the university of avignon
une "œuvre-lieu" permanente au cœur de l'université d'avignon

Exhibition | Exposition
Nancy Holt: Locators
London | Oct 9 - Nov 21, 2015
Parafin, Londres
 | 9 oct - 21 nov 2015

Nancy Holt, 'Missoula Ranch Locators: Vision Encompassed'. Arlee, Montana, 1972 © The Estate of Nancy Holt (VAGA, New York | ADAGP, Paris)
Nancy Holt, Missoula Ranch Locators: Vision Encompassed. Arlee, Montana, 1972. Destroyed | œuvre détruite

Parafin is delighted to announce the first ever exhibition devoted to Nancy Holt’s ‘Locator’ sculptures. This seminal body of work, which Holt inaugurated in the early 1970s, has been very rarely seen. Nonetheless, within her oeuvre the ‘Locators’ are crucially important. The innovations and experimentation that they embody lead directly to Holt’s iconic Land Art work, Sun Tunnels (1973-76) and inform many of her groundbreaking public commissions of the 1980s and 90s.

Parafin a le plaisir d'annoncer la toute première exposition jamais consacrée aux 'Locators' de Nancy Holt.
Cette série fondatrice, inaugurée au début des années 70, n'a que très rarement été présentée. Les 'Locators' ont poutant joué un rôle décisif dans l'évolution de sa pratique. Leur nature inventive et expérimentale, à l'origine de l'œuvre la plus emblématique de Holt, Sun Tunnels (1973-1976), une icône du Land Art, préfigure les remarquables commandes publiques des années 80 et 90.

>> www.parafin.co.uk


Waldemar Januszczak, The Sculpture Diaries
, ZCZ Films, Channel 4, 2008

...In the midst of exhibition openings and talks, Holt created a new site-specific installation this summer on the campus of the University of Avignon in France. Avignon Locators 1972-2012 is the latest of Holt’s Locator works: the first outdoor Locator work, Missoula Ranch Locators: Vision Encompassed, was realized in 1972 in Montana. The work in Avignon is situated on a corner of the campus near the city’s medieval wall. The views through the eight steel locators are aligned astronomically in N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, NE directions. Looking outward through a Locator the environment is encircled, looking inward through a Locator the opposite Locator is in view; a sculpture not only to be looked at, but through. Fixed in its site in Avignon by the North Star, Avignon Locators orients us in space and engenders an appreciation of this unique historical place on the planet. Since at the site the horizon is hidden by trees and buildings, the east and west Locators of Avignon Locators are not in an alignment with the sun on the horizon on the equinoxes. However, near the time of the equinoxes every year, optimally on September 16 at 7:25 PM local time and March 25* at 6:36 PM (and less optimally at the same times for two days before and after these dates) the sun is seen setting through the west Locator, leading some observers to call this phenomenon “Avignon Locatorhenge.”...

Avignon Locatorhenge: 'Avignon Locators', 1972-2012. Université d'Avignon © The Estate of Nancy Holt (VAGA, New York | ADAGP, Paris). Photo: Serge Paul, 17 Sep. 2012

...Entre vernissages et conférences, Holt a monté cet été une nouvelle installation in situ sur le campus de l'Université d'Avignon. Avignon Locators 1972-2012 est la dernière mouture de sa série de "Locators"ses premiers Locators en extérieur, Missoula Ranch Locators: Vision Encompassed, ayant été réalisés en 1972 dans le Montana. L'œuvre d'Avignon se situe dans un coin du campus jouxtant les remparts médiévaux de la ville. Les huit viseurs d'acier sont alignés selon une rose des vents basée sur le nord astronomique. Regarder à travers un Locator vers l'extérieur permet de circonscire l'environnement, tandis qu'en regardant vers l'intérieur, on cadre le viseur opposé: cette sculpture est à voir comme elle donne à voir. Fixée dans son écrin avignonais par l'étoile polaire, Avignon Locators nous oriente dans l'espace tout en mettant en valeur un site historique exceptionnel. Comme l'horizon est caché par des arbres et des bâtiments, le site ne permet pas un alignement sur le soleil aux équinoxes. Près des dates des équinoxes, on peut cependant assister deux fois par an, idéalement les 16 septembre à 19h25 et 25 mars* à 18h36, au coucher du soleil à travers le Locator ouest (mais aussi deux jours avant et après ces dates vers la même heure). Certains ont ainsi appelé ce phénomène "Avignon Locatorhenge" [en référence à Stonehenge ou Mahattanhenge]...

Excerpted  from | Extrait de Hikmet Sidney Loe, "Vision Envisioned: Nancy Holt at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts" (15 Bytes - Utah's Art Magazine, Oct. 2012) Read more... | Lire...

*Jean Vilar, who founded the Avignon theatre festival, happens to be born on a March 25.
*Il se trouve que le 25 mars marque le jour de naissance de Jean Vilar, fondateur du festival d'Avignon.

© Avignon Locators, 13 July 2012, photo by S. Paul

© Avignon Locators tree transplant and surveying. Photo S. Paul, Dec. 2011-Jan. 2012.

© Avignon Locators: final grading. Photo S. Paul, Oct 8, 2012

N43°56'59.04", E4°49'7.90"

Free | Entrée libre

Mon to Fri, 7 am to 8 pm
Du lun au ven de 7h à 20h

Campus (including
Avignon Locators) closed Sat & Sun
Le campus (y compris Avignon Locators) ferme tous les sam et dim

nancy holt
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Now screening | Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art, a 72" documentary film by James Crump. Premieres at MOCA, Los Angeles, Sep. 29; SITE Santa Fe, Oct. 1st; New York Film Festival, Walter Reade Theatre, Lincoln Center, Oct. 1st; Fondazione Prada, Milan, Oct. 10; Silencio Club, Paris, Oct 15, 2015, etc.: see  >> FB | >> website  | >> trailer

solo exhibitions + screenings
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Oct 9 thru Nov 21, 2015 | Nancy Holt: Locators, Parafin, London, UK

Sep 19, 2015 | Tribute to Nancy Holt by Paule-Elise Boudou, Midi Minuit du Matrimoine, Palais-Royal, Paris, 12:00 pm

May 3 thru 11, daily at 11:45 am; May 30, 1:00 pm; July 4, 3:00 pm; Aug 21, 2:00 pm; Sep 6, 11:00 am, 2015 | America is Hard to See. Screening of Sun Tunnels at  the Whitney Museum inaugural exhibition, 99 Gansevoort St, NYC

Feb 22, 2015 | Nancy Holt: Sun Tunnels / Revolve, screening at the Glasgow Film festival, Scotland, UK, 8:15 pm

August 1, 2014 | Dark Star Park Day, 30th anniversary, Arlington, VA, 9:32am

July 19, 2014 |
Site/Sight/Cite: The Cinema of Nancy Holt. Pleasure Dome, Toronto, ON, 8:30 pm

June 21, 2014 | Nancy Holt Solstice Memorial at Sun Tunnels, Lucin, UT

June 8, 2014 | White Cube / Black Box:  A Tribute to Nancy Holt. Santa Fe Art Institute, NM

April 10, 2014 | White Cube / Black Box:  A Tribute to Nancy Holt. Screening of Sun Tunnels, Breaking Ground, and The Making of Amarillo Ramp. Q&A with DeeDee Halleck. Anthology Film Archives, NYC, 7:30 pm

April 5, 2014 | Daylong Tribute Screening. Electronic Arts Intermix, NYC, noon - 7:00pm

May 10 - August 17, 2013 | Nancy Holt & Robert Smithson: England and Wales 1969. John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, UK

April 20 - June 16, 2013 | Nancy Holt: Selected Photo and Film Works. Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK

April 18 - June 16, 2013 | Nancy Holt: Selected Photo and Film Works. Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada (film screening on June 10)

October 18, 2012 - January 20, 2013 | Nancy Holt: Sightlines. Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt Lake City

June 6 - August 25, 2012 |
Nancy Holt: Photoworks. Haunch of Venison, London

May 5 - June 29, 2012 |
Nancy Holt: Sightlines. Santa Fe Institute, NM

January 27, 2012 | 5èmes Journées internationales du film sur l’art: 'L’art et le lieu'. Auditorium du Louvre, Paris

January 19 - April 1, 2012 |
Nancy Holt: Sightlines. Tufts Art Gallery, MA

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Feb thru Sep, 2016 | Sublime, Centre Pompidou Metz, France

Sep 27, 2015 thru Jan 24, 2016 |
Strange Pilgrims, The Contemporary Austin, TX

Sep 19, 2015 thru Jan 3, 2016 | Expeditie Land Art, Amersfoort, Netherlands

Jul 17, 2015 thru Jan 10, 2016 | Art as Information: Maps, Plans, and Diagrams, Kennedy Museum of Art, Ohio University, Athens, OH

May 2 - June 20, 2015 |
Selections from the Kramansky Collection, David Zwirner, 537 W 20th St, NYC

June 11 - September 28, 2014 |
Sites of Reason: A Selection of Recent Acquisitions. MoMA, NYC

June 12 - August 2, 2014 | Fixing a Hole. Koenig & Clinton Gallery, NYC

May 9 - August 24, 2014 | Moving Parts: Time and Motion in Contemporary Art. Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, Washington University, St Louis, MO

March 30, 2014 | 52nd Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival. Swamp screening, 1:00pm.

January 14-31, 2014 | L'Etoile magique. Le Préau, Maxéville, France

September 28, 2014 | Tramway Artists Moving Image Festival. Swamp screening, 3:15pm. Glasgow, Scotland

May 10 - December 14, 2013 |
Utah Biennial: Mondo Utah. Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City, UT

September 25 and 27, 2013 | Sillage: screening of On the Wild Side (2003) by Manuela Morgaine. Galerie Maubert, Paris

July-December 2013 | Videoarchiv: The Other Americans. Ludwig Forums Aachen, Germany. Incl. Richard Serra's video Match Match their Courage, 1973 (ft. Nancy Holt and Charlemagne Palestine)

May 9 - August 4, 2013 | Everything Loose Will Land. Schindler House, West Hollywood, CA

April 26 - July 7, 2013 | The Whole Earth. HKW, Berlin

February 5 - April 1, 2013 | Dark Paradise, The Clocktower Gallery, NYC

January 30 - extended until May 6, 2013 | Light Show. Hayward Gallery, London

December 1, 2012 - February 2, 2013 | Cellblock II. Andrea Rosen Gallery, NYC

November 7
, 2012 | Expanded Land Art. A film screening presented by Gilles A. Tiberghien. Centre Pompidou, Paris

October 11
, 2012 - January 20, 2013 | Ends of the Earth: Land Art to 1974. Haus der Kunst, Munich

September 17
, 2012 - December 31 | Circa 1971: Early Video & Film from the EAI Archive. Dia:Beacon, NY

September 14
, 2012 - February 17, 2013 | Materializing "Six Years": Lucy R. Lippard and the Emergence of Conceptual Art. Brooklyn Museum, NY

September 14, 2012 - January 7, 2013 | Notations: Contemporary Drawing as Idea and Process. Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, Garen Gallery. Washington University, St Louis, MO

September 7 - December 9, 2012 | The Imminence of Poetics. 30th Sao Paulo Biennial, Brazil

May 27 - September 3, 2012 |
Ends of the Earth: Land Art to 1974. MoCA, Los Angeles, CA

March 30 - July 8, 2012 |
Wish You Were Here: The Buffalo Avant-Garde in the 1970s. Albright-Knox Museum, Buffalo, NY

March 16, 2012 - indefinitely |
Watch This! New Directions in the Art of the Moving Image. American Art Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

March 26, 2011 - January 15, 2012 | Land Art. Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

conferences | conférences

March 12, 2014 | Jack Flam, Phyllis Tuchman & Yasmil Raymond, Robert Smithson 2.0 and Tribute to Nancy Holt. New York Studio School, NYC, 6:30 pm

October 5, 2013
| New Jersey as Non-Site
. Princeton University Art Museum, NJ (see video)

June 14, 2012 | Staging the Land. Université d'Avignon, France

Geniuses of the Place | Land + Environmental Art
english exhibition poster (JPG)

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geniuses of the place*
land and environmental art

les génies du lieu
land art et art environnemental

exhibition | exposition
bibliothèque centrale de l’université d’avignon

May 29-July 19 + August 28-September 28, 2012
160+ photographs, sculptures, objects, and films on view

29 mai-19 juillet + 28 août-28 septembre 2012
Plus de 160 photographies, sculptures, objets et films présentés

On the occasion of the Staging the Land conference (June 13-15), the University Library presents "Geniuses of the Place: Land and Environmental Art," a three-fold contemporary art exhibition held from May 29 trough July 19 and from August 28 through September 28, 2012.

Nancy Holt, Locators: 40th Anniversary
"More than a sculpture to look at, it is a sculpture to look through."–Nancy Holt
A retrospective on the artist's extensive Locator series, initiated in 1971, which inspired her iconic large-scale outdoor sculpture, Sun Tunnels (1973-76). On June 14, Nancy Holt will unveil Avignon Locators (1972-2012) in the campus park, a sculpture based on the structure of Missoula Ranch Locators – Vision Encompassed (Montana, 1972), destroyed in 2003. Holt has also been involved in film and photography since the late 1960s.
> More info

Digne: Art and Geology
During the last 15 years, the
Gassendi Museum, located in Digne-les-Bains, has developed a number of projects at the intersection of art, science, and landscape, essentially on the vast territory of the Haute-Provence Geological Park, where the artists Andy Goldsworthy, herman de vries, Paul-Armand Gette, Joan Fontcuberta, and others have created major pieces.

Land and Environmental Art
A photographic history of this trend in contemporary art from the precursors such as Noguchi to young artists like Cyprien Gaillard, including the great figures revealed in the 1960s such as Robert Smithson, Michael Heizer, Dennis Oppenheim, Walter de Maria, Robert Morris, Charles Ross, James Turrell, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, and Richard Serra.

Opening reception: June 14, 5:30 PM

Avignon Locators (1972-2012) was dedicated on June 14, 2012
On this occasion, Nancy Holt was made a knight in the Order of the Arts & Letters

Robert Smithson, 'Spiral Jetty', 1970, detail. Great Salt Lake, Utah © The Estate of Robert Smithson. Photo: Serge Paul, 2006 (VAGA, New York | ADAGP, Paris)

A l’occasion du colloque Staging the Land (13-15 juin), la Bibliothèque Universitaire propose, du 29 mai au 19 juillet et du 28 août au 28 septembre 2012, "Les Génies du lieu : Land Art et art environnemental", une exposition d’art contemporain en 3 volets :

Nancy Holt, Locators : 40e anniversaire
"Plus qu'une sculpture à voir, c'est une sculpture qui donne à voir."Nancy Holt
Une rétrospective sur les différentes versions de cette série débutée en 1971 et qui a engendré Sun Tunnels (Utah, 1973-76), une icône du Land Art. Nancy Holt inaugurera le 14 juin, sur le parc du campus centre-ville, Avignon Locators (1972-2012), une sculpture basée sur le plan de Missoula Ranch Locators – Vision Encompassed (Montana, 1972), démantelée en 2003. Nancy Holt est également cinéaste et photographe depuis la fin des années 60. > En savoir plus

Digne : art et géologie
Le Musée Gassendi de Digne-les-Bains développe depuis 15 ans des projets articulant art, science et paysage, notamment sur l’immense territoire de la Réserve Naturelle Géologique de Haute-Provence. Des artistes comme Andy Goldsworthy, herman de vries, Paul-Armand Gette ou Joan Fontcuberta y ont ainsi créé des œuvres majeures.

Land Art et art environnemental
Une histoire en images de ce courant de l’art contemporain depuis les précurseurs comme Noguchi jusqu’aux jeunes plasticiens comme Cyprien Gaillard, en passant par les grandes figures révélées dans les années 60 telles que Robert Smithson, Michael Heizer, Dennis Oppenheim, Walter de Maria, Robert Morris, Charles Ross, James Turrell, Christo et Jeanne-Claude, ou Richard Serra.

Vernissage: 14 juin 2012 à 17h30

Avignon Locators (1972-2012) a été inaugurée le 14 juin 2012
A cette occasion, Nancy Holt a été faite chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres

* Palemon: "Here, Philocles, we shall find our sovereign genius; if we can charm the genius of the place ... to inspire us with a truer song of nature, teach us some celestial hymn, and make us feel divinity present in these solemn places of retreat." Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury, The Moralists: A Philosophical Rhapsody (1709)

* Palemon: "Nous trouverons ici, Philoclès, notre souverain génie, si nous pouvons engager le Génie du Lieu [...] à nous inspirer le vrai cantique de la Nature, à nous apprendre des hymnes célestes et à nous faire sentir la présence de la Divinité dans cette auguste solitude." Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3ème Comte de Shaftesbury, Les Moralistes: Rhapsodie Philosophique (1709)

> Landmarks in British 18th-century aesthetics | > Repères sur l'esthétique britannique au 18ème

films by nancy holt
les flims de nancy holt

Nancy Holt @ Sun Tunnels, 1976

Electronic Arts Intermix, NYC

recent releases  | nouveautés

Robert Smithson: The Making of Amarillo Ramp, 1973-2013 (on view at the Dallas Museum of Art until April 27, 2014)

Breaking Ground: Broken Circle - Spiral Hill by Robert Smithson, 1971-2011

selected site-specific works
sélection d'œuvres in situ

click to locate | cliquez pour géolocaliser

30 Below (Lake Placid, NY, 1979)
Annual Ring (Saginaw, MI, 1981)
Astral Grating (NYC, 1983-87, stored)
Avignon Locators (France, 1972-2012)
Catch Basin (Toronto, ON, 1982)
Dark Star Park (Arlington, VA, 1984)
End of the Line (New Haven, CT, 1985)
Sky Mound (Kearny, NJ, 1988-?)
Solar Rotary (Tampa, FL, 1995)
Spinwinder (
Dartmouth, MA, 1991)
Star-Crossed (Oxford, OH, 1979)
Stone Enclosure (WWU, WA, 1977-78)
Sun Tunnels (Lucin, UT, 1973-76)
Time Span (Austin, TX, 1981)
Up and Under (Nokia, Finland, 1998)
Wild Spot (Wellesley, MA, 1979-80)

books | livres

Nancy Holt, Michelle Stuart: Alaskan Impressions, exhibition cat. Anchorage: Visual Arts Center of Alaska, 1986, with Anne Lingener-Reece

Time Outs
, New York: Visual Studies Workshop, 1985

The Writings of Robert Smithson
, New York University Press, 1979 (ed.)

Ransacked: Aunt Ethel, an Ending
, New York: Printed Matter / Lapp Princess Press, 1980

awards | distinctions

Lifetime Achievement Award, International Sculpture Center, 2013

Chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et Lettres, France, 2012

Honorary Doctorate, University of South Florida, Tampa, 1995

grants | dotations

5 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships

2 New York Creative Artist Fellowships

1 Guggenheim Fellowship

'Avignon Locators' Dedication & 'Geniuses of the Place' Opening. Université d'Avignon © Nancy Holt (VAGA, New York | ADAGP, Paris). Photos: Serge Paul, June 2012
in partnership with
en partenariat avec

Musée Gassendi, Digne

Haunch of Venison

Staging the Land | Avignon 2012 | Colloque international
staging the land*
contemporary site-specific creation and the issue of perception
l’enjeu de la perception dans la création contemporaine in situ

international conference + art exhibition
June 13-15, 2012. Location: salle des thèses, main building
Host lab: Cultural Identity, Texts and Theatricality | EA 4277
13-15 juin 2012. Lieu: salle des thèses, bâtiment principal
Equipe d’accueil: Identité Culturelle, Textes et Theâtralité | EA 4277
université d’avignon, france
june 13-15, 2012
13-15 juin 2012

PDF version
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call for papers
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appel à communiquer
Version PDF

conference poster in
english (JPG)
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affiche française du colloque (JPG)
Haute résolution (6,7 Mo)
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Basse résolution (146 Ko)
Wednesday, June 13 | Mercredi 13 juin

14:00: Conference opening by Emmanuel Ethis, president of the University of Avignon, Alain Servel, dean of the Arts and Humanities Department, and Madelena Gonzalez, director of the host laboratory (ICTT) | Ouverture du colloque par Emmanuel Ethis, président de l'Université d'Avignon, Alain Servel, doyen de l'UFR Arts, Lettres et Langues, et Madelena Gonzalez, directrice du laboratoire ICTT

14:30 - 17:30
Session 1: Site as Aesthetic Experience 1 | Le site comme expérience esthétique 1
Chair | Présidence: Laurence Belingard | Université d’Avignon, France

Emily Taub Webb | Savannah College of Art, Georgia, USA
“Space and Place: Structuring Perception in Early Site-Specific Art”

Ronald Shusterman | Université Jean Monnet – Saint-Etienne, France
“Singularity, Tautology, and the Refusal of Death (Anish Kapoor, Olafur Eliasson, Richard Long, Arakawa and Gins)”

Lawrence Gasquet | Université Jean Moulin – Lyon III, France
“Staging the Land, ou la discipline de la perception: The Stairs de Peter Greenaway”

16:00: Coffee break | Pause café

Session 2: Site as Aesthetic Experience 2 | Le site comme expérience esthétique 2
Chair | Présidence: Catherine-Emilie Corvisy | Université d’Avignon, France

Hiromi Matsugi | Université Paris 8 Saint-Denis, France
“Du jardin contemplatif à la place publique: enjeux des œuvres environnementales d’Isamu Noguchi” (titre provisoire)

Marie Vicet | Université Paris Ouest Nanterre, France
“Art et Mass Media dans l’espace public: Parasitage artistique de la ville. Autour des œuvres de Jenny Holzer, Dara Birnbaum et Pipilotti Rist”

17:30: Screening | Projection (University Library | BU centrale): Brigitte Cornand, Mother Earth, l’esprit du Land Art (Films du Siamois, 2005), 52 min.

18:30: Champagne reception offered by the Department of Arts and Humanities | Champagne offert par l'UFR Lettres

Thursday, June 14 | Jeudi 14 juin

9:30 - 12:00

Session 3: Locating Nancy Holt 1 | Situer Nancy Holt 1
Chair | Présidence: Serge Paul | art historian, editor, translator, Avignon

Gilles Tiberghien | Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France
“L’espace poétique de Nancy Holt”

Fiona Macdonald | Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
“‘So what does location mean?’: the meta-site of Nancy Holt’s points of view”

10:45: Coffee break | Pause café

Screening | Projection: Nancy Holt & Robert Smithson, Swamp (1971), 6 min.

Anne-Françoise Penders | writer & artist, Brussels, Belgium
“Sculpter le paysage: le film à l’œuvre”

12:00: Lunch | Déjeuner

14.30 - 17:00
Session 4: Locating Nancy Holt 2 | Situer Nancy Holt 2
Chair | Présidence: Anne-Françoise Penders

Ben Tufnell | Haunch of Venison Gallery, London, UK
“Here and There and Now and Then, Some Observations on Nancy Holt’s Photoworks”

Screening | Projection: Nancy Holt, Sun Tunnels (1978), 26 min. Q&A

16.00: Coffee break | Pause café  

Screening | Projection: Nancy Holt, Breaking Ground: Broken Circle/Spiral Hill (1971-2011), a film on Robert Smithson’s earthwork, 22 min.

Round table | table ronde: Nancy Holt w/ Fiona Macdonald, Serge Paul, Anne-Françoise Penders & Ben Tufnell

17:30: Avignon Locators unveiling and reception | Inauguration de Avignon Locators et réception

Chevalier des Arts et Lettres award ceremony for Nancy Holt, presented by Emmanuel Ethis | Cérémonie de remise par Emmanuel Ethis de la médaille de chevalier dans l'ordre des Arts et Lettres à Nancy Holt

Geniuses of the Place exhibition opening | Vernissage de l’exposition Les Génies du lieu (University Library | BU centrale) > More | > En savoir plus

18:00: Conference dinner in the old city | Dîner du colloque dans le vieil Avignon

Friday, June 15 | Vendredi 15 juin

9:00 - 12:00

Session 5: About Robert Smithson | Autour de Robert Smithson
Chair | Présidence: Fabien Faure

Anaël Marion | Université Paris 7 Diderot, France
“Le cinéma underground de Robert Smithson: une mise en abîme de l’œuvre in situ”

Hikmet Loe & Russell E. Costa | Westminster College, Salt Lake City, USA
“To be conscious of the actualities of perception: local/global attention and perception regarding Robert Smithson’s earthwork, the Spiral Jetty

Shiyan Li | Ecole Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence, France
“Cai Guo Qiang: dialogues avec les extraterrestres”

10:30: Coffee break | Pause café

Session 6: Centers and Periphery | Centres et Marges
Chair | Présidence: Nadine Gomez | Musée Gassendi, Digne-les-Bains, France

Fabien Faure | Université d’Aix-Marseille, France
“Marges (à propos du sanctuaire de roche-rousse de herman de vries et des Edge-Stones de Richard Nonas)”

Rosalyne Shieh | Taubman College of Architecture, University of Michigan, USA
“Unseeing Detroit”

12:00: Lunch | Déjeuner

14:00 - 17:00
Session 7: Site-Specific Performance | L’in situ en action
Chair | Présidence: Ronald Shusterman | Université Jean Monnet – Saint-Etienne, France

Jean-Pierre Cometti | Ecole Supérieure d’Art d’Avignon, France
“Activation, interaction et experience”

Julie Perrin | Université Paris 8 Saint-Denis, France
“Anna Halprin: une perception kinesthésique du paysage”

15:00: Coffee break | Pause café

Anne Gonon | HorsLesMurs & Myriam Lefkowitz | artist, France
“La balade des yeux, machine à percevoir le réel”

Yoshiko Kishimoto | University of Tokyo, Japan
“Shuji Terayama and his successors in Japanese contemporary performance scene”

■ Sylvie Nayral | Ecole Supérieure d'Art d'Avignon, France
"Atelier collaboratif de l'ESAA: premiers aperçus étrangers sur une œuvre réactivée"

17:00: Conference Closing Speech | Conclusion du colloque

This interdisciplinary conference will explore contemporary site-specific creation, including Land Art, environmental art, public art, and performance, focusing on the analysis of the sensory, intellectual, and aesthetic perception of the work outside of the museum walls, and the study of contextualized / conceptualized forms and their modes of representation. Avignon Locators, a site-specific work by American land artist Nancy Holt, will be dedicated during the event. Commissioned by the University of Avignon, the sculpture reactivates Missoula Ranch Locators – Vision Encompassed, one of the artist's major works built in Montana in 1972 and dismantled 30 years later. The creation of the work in the campus garden, within the city walls, will celebrate the 40th  anniversary of the original creation. > More

Ce colloque interdisciplinaire propose d’explorer le domaine particulier de la création artistique contemporaine in situ – Land Art, art environnemental, art public, performance – sous l’angle de l’analyse de la perception sensorielle, intellectuelle et esthétique, de l’étude de formes contextualisées / conceptualisées et de leurs modes de représentation. Nous analyserons les types de rapports que ces œuvres sur site entretiennent avec l’observateur, loin des lieux traditionnellement dédiés à l'art. Cette manifestation scientifique accompagne l’installation pérenne de la sculpture Avignon Locators de l’artiste américaine Nancy Holt dans les jardins du campus centre-ville de l’Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse. Cette œuvre in situ, adaptée au site, est une réactivation de Missoula Ranch Locators – Vision Encompassed (Montana, 1972), installation majeure de Nancy Holt démantelée au début des années 2000. L’inauguration de l’œuvre, en présence de l’artiste, se déroulera lors du colloque et célèbrera les 40 ans de la création de Missoula Ranch Locators. > La suite

* Staging the Land | Scénographies du territoire
keynote speaker | invitée d'honneur

nancy holt

visual artist, cinematographer
plasticienne, cinéaste

media | médias

* Piece refers to Avignon Locators
* L'article évoque Avignon Locators

printed matter |  presse

Oct 5 | The Wall Street Journal
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Oct 4 | 15 Bytes - Artisit of Utah*
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May 30 | ICA, London
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May 21 | Presse Alpes Maritimes*
May 20 | Spiral Jetty vs. Greedzilla*
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May 12 | Avignon U Press Release  | fr*
May 3 | Tate Etc. Issue 25, UK
Mar 8 | Artforum (PDF)
Jan 19 | Tufts Now, Medford, MA
Aug 5 | Pasatiempo Magazine, NM*
Feb 3 | La Provence*

videos | vidéos

Oct 5 | Princeton University: Fall Exhibitions Celebration Keynote Lecture
Oct 3
| Lifetime Achievement Award, International Sculpture Center*
Aug 4 | Up and Under Conservation by Strata, Pinsiö, Finland
Jun 8 | Nancy Holt: Photography at
Haunch of Venison, London
May 7 | Conversation with Alena Williams. Santa Fe Art Insitute
Sep 14 | Sun Tunnels in The Sculpture Diaries, ZCZ Films, Channel 4, UK

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Oct 18 | KCPW Radio (Salt Lake City)
Jul 13 | Art Monthly on Resonance FM
Jun 9 | BBC Radio 4 (skip to 37'55")
May 3 | Santa Fe Radio Café (KSFR)

further reading | monographies


Alena Williams (ed.), Nancy Holt: Sightlines, University of California Press, 2011 | amazon.fr


Ben Tufnell & Douglas Fogle, Nancy Holt: Photoworks. London: Haunch of Venison, 2012 | amazon.fr

conference organization | organisation du colloque

Host Lab | Equipe d’accueil
Cultural Identity, Texts and Theatricality | Identité Culturelle, Textes et Theâtralité (EA 4277)

Project Coordinator | Coordinatrice du projet
Laurence Belingard

Assistant Coordinators | Coordinateurs adjoints
Catherine-Emilie Corvisy
Serge Paul

Abstract Reading Committee | Sélection des propositions
Laurence Belingard
Catherine-Emilie Corvisy
Lawrence Gasquet
Florence March
Serge Paul
Anne-Françoise Penders
Gilles Tiberghien

Accounting | Trésorerie
Invited Speakers Accomodation | Logement des invités
Laurence Belingard

Catering | Restauration
Laurence Belingard
Catherine-Emilie Corvisy

Invited Speakers Contact | Contact des invités
Webdesign and CFP Referencing | Conception Web et référencement de l'appel
Translations | Traductions
Serge Paul

exhibition | exposition

| Commissaires
Serge Paul
Laurence Belingard

Digital Prints | Tirages numériques

Florian Arar, accredited Digigraphie
© editor and art expert
Serge Paul (scans, image editing)
Tom Martinelli (Nancy Holt scans and image editing)
Pigment inkjet on archival photo rag paper | Jet d'encre pigment sur papier chiffon d'archivage photographique (ISO 9706)

in partnership with | en partnariat avec
Musée Gassendi, Digne-les-Bains (Provence, France)
Haunch of Venison Gallery (Christie's, London, UK)
Galerie Florian Arar (Bordeaux, France)
Ecole Supérieure d’Art d’Avignon (Provence, France)

remerciements | many thanks to
Brigitte Cornand, Emmanuel Ethis, Liz Flanagan, Nadine Gomez, Nancy Holt, Loïc Malle, Amélie Lorenzi, Michel Marcelin, Tom Martinelli, Sylvie Nayral, Jill O’Bryan, Vincent Raynaud, Charles Ross, Kari Saastamoinen, Ben Tufnell, Marc de Verneuil, Thomas Wierzbinski, Alena Williams…

links | liens
The Holt-Smithson Foundation
Parafin, art gallery (London, UK) | The Estate of Nancy Holt
James Cohan Gallery (NYC) | The Estate of Robert Smithson
The Center for Land Use Interpretation (Culver City, CA)
Annuaire du Land Art et de l'Art In Situ
Charles Ross Studio (Santa Fe, NM) | Star Axis (Land Light Foundation)
Center for Art + Environment | Nevada Museum of Art (Reno, NV)
Dia Art Foundation (New York)
Gilles Tiberghien | une nouvelle édition de 'Land Art'
Land Arts of the American West | Texas Tech College of Architecture (Lubbock, TX)
Observatoire du Land Art (Paris, France)
SKOR Foundation for Art and Public Domain (Amsterdam, NL) | TAAK (Amsterdam, NL)
Land Art Contemporary (Dalen, NL)
The Strata Project (Pinsiö, Finland)
avignon locators

Artist | Artiste
Nancy Holt

Project Manager | Coordination
Laurence Belingard

Project Initiator | Porteur du projet
Serge Paul, art historian, editor, translator
Holt-Smithson Foundation)

Technical Advisor / Metalwork | Conseiller technique / fabrication
Kari Saastamoinen

Initial Plans / 3D | Plans initiaux / 3D
Marc de Verneuil, architecte
(Observatoire du Land Art, Paris)

Additional plans | Plans secondaires
Serge Paul

Surveyor | Géomètre
Vincent Reynaud

Astrophysicist | Astrophysicien
Michel Marcelin, dir. de recherches CNRS (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille)

Serge Paul
Vincent Reynaud

Art Expert | Expert en art
Ben Tufnell, curator, writer, director, Parafin, art gallery, London, UK

Conservation | Conservation
Sylvie Nayral (coordination)
Gwendoline Lemée (DNAP | initial study)
Amélie Lorenzi (DNSEP | final conservation report)
(Ecole Supérieure d'Art d'Avignon)

location | adresse


Université d'Avignon
Campus centre-ville
74 rue Louis Pasteur
84000 Avignon, France

Enter | Entrez "
Place Saint Lazare"
or | ou N43°56'59.04", E4°49'7.90"
Free parking @ "Parking des Italiens"

e-mail: lab @ earthworks.org
Images: Nancy Holt, Sun Tunnels (detail), 1973-76. Great Basin Desert, Utah.
Nancy Holt, Missoula Ranch Locators - Vision Encompassed, 1972. Arlee, Montana.
Nancy Holt, Avignon Locators, 1972-2012. Université d'Avignon, France. Photos: S.Paul
Courtesy of The Estate of Nancy Holt © VAGA, New York | ADAGP, Paris. All rights reserved